Stand Up Paddle classes are given in a water plan with few currents, which makes the practice easy, even for beginners.
In the classes are given the basic techniques for the practice of Stand Up Paddle (knee paddle, standing position, rowing technique and turns), the safety rules and eventual hazards and also the norms of use of the equipment destined To practice the sport.

It follows a walk in the calm waters of Mira so that the initiates, closely followed by the instructors, acquire knowledge and confidence that enable them to practice the modality autonomously.

After the first classes SUP is able to take walks along the river Mira, you can enjoy our monthly packs or renting the material.

Our classes are follow by certified instructors.
All clients are covered by civil responsibility insurance and personal accident insurance.

Lessons – 35 euros person (2 hours)

Includes: Board, paddle, lifejacket, certified instructors and insurances

special prices for groups