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SW SUP Stand Up Stand up paddle / Wing Foil

The Alentejo coast is one of the most beautiful regions in Portugal and the world. For those who enjoy water sports, discovering the unknown and appreciating nature, Vila Nova de Milfontes is undoubtedly one of the places with the best conditions for practicing Stand Up Paddle and Wing / SUP Foil in Portugal.

Our school is certified by the Portuguese Surfing Federation and has been open to the public all year round since 2017, offering SUP lessons for beginners and advanced paddlers in both still water and waves, as well as beginners’ lessons in Wing Foil or Sup Foil in the waves.

Stand Up Paddle or SUP, as it is more commonly known, is practiced standing up on a board, with the aid of a paddle, in still water or in waves, just like surfing.

It’s a sport for all ages, easy to learn and an excellent workout for the body and mind, promoting physical and emotional well-being.

It can be practiced in groups and is ideal for families and groups of friends, who can enjoy excellent leisure time.

Wing foil is the art of walking on water using a board with a foil and an inflatable wing, which is steered with the hands. With the help of the wind, the practitioner gains speed and the foil, mounted under the board, lifts the whole assembly out of the water, giving the sportsman the sensation that he is “flying” over the water.

It’s a sport that requires some physical fitness and more than one session to be able to start practicing independently and safely, but it’s undoubtedly great fun on windy days.

Vila Nova de MIlfontes has the ideal conditions (river and sea) for practicing these two sports, both for beginners and for regular practice.

Our instructors and coaches have a wealth of experience and knowledge in water sports and will help you learn the different techniques in the safest and most effective way.

For beginners, we have the Mira River in front of our school, with calm waters where we can teach all the techniques to our students in total safety. For the more adventurous and radical, we have perfect waves about 500 meters from our school, both for beginners to wave SUP and for the more experienced, on bigger waves.

We are a tourist entertainment company, recognized by Turismo de Portugal in terms of certification as a maritime tourism and nature tourism company and also certified as a school by the Portuguese Surfing Federation.

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Our Instructors are certified professionals and recognized by the Portuguese Surf Federation, which ensures a fast and safe learning for our Customers.

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