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The Alentejo Coast is one of the most beautiful regions of Portugal and the world. For those who like to discover the unknown and appreciate nature, this is undoubtedly one of the places to know and explore with SW SUP.

The Mediterranean climate and mild temperatures make this Portugal coast a perfect place to practice Stand Up Paddle all year round.

SW SUP is dedicated to the practice of Stand Up Paddle (SUP) in the area of Vila Nova de Milfontes and is the only SUP School certified by the Portuguese Surf Federation on this area.

Stand Up Paddle or SUP, as it is better known, is practiced standing on a board, with the aid of a paddle, in still waters or in waves, as in surfing.

It is a sport for all ages, easy to learn, and an excellent workout for the body and mind, promoting physical and emotional well-being.

Being a group, it is ideal for families and groups of friends, who can enjoy excellent moments of leisure.

The Southwest of Alentejano has ideal conditions (rivers, lagoons, dams, beaches) for the practice of Stand Up Paddle / SUP, both for initiation and evolution and regular practices.

For the more adventurous and radical our coast has perfect waves, either for initiation to the wave SUP or for the more experienced, in larger waves.

We are a company of Tourism Animation, recognized by the Tourism of Portugal with respect to the certification as company of tourist maritime activities and of Nature tourism and certified like School by the Portuguese Surfing Federation.

The SUP is an alternative sport, of great success, and an excellent option of training and maintenance.

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All SW SUP instructors are certified and recognized by the Portuguese Surf Federation