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SW SUP Stand Up Paddle School

Our SUP lessons range from the level of initiation to the most advanced level, both in waves and in the river.

The Stand Up Paddle lessons for beginners are given in a water plan with few currents, which facilitates the practice, even for beginners.

In the lessons are given the basic techniques for the practice of Stand Up Paddle (paddled knees, standing position, rowing technique and turning technique), safety rules and eventual hazards and also the rules of use of equipment intended for the practice of sport.

The following is a tour in the calm waters of the Mira River so that the initiates, followed closely by the instructors, acquire knowledge and confidence that allows them to practice the modality autonomously.

After the first SUP lessons, the student can take tours along the Mira River or even start on the waves. You can also take advantage of our monthly packages or if you prefer to rent the equipment.

Our lessons are given by Certified Instructors and all Customers are covered by liability insurance and personal accident insurance.

* Special Prices for groups

Beginner Lessons

Stand Up Paddle lessons are given in a water plan with few currents, which facilitates practice, even for beginners.

Intermediate Lessons

In this lessons, our goal is to teach new techniques of paddling and improve the technique.

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SUP Waves Lessons

In this lesson, we will take your SUP skills to the waves. Our goal is to teach you how to catch waves on your own.

Sup Kids
SUP Children Lessons

Our lessons and SUP courses for children are given in flat and calm waters to facilitate learning.

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SUP Yoga Lessons

Find the balance between body, mind and sea, become stronger and more flexible. Take advantage of the magnificent benefits of SUP YOGA for the first time.

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Monthly Package

Enjoy one of our monthly packages and come to practice SUP any time you want.

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Our Instructors are certified professionals and recognized by the Portuguese Surf Federation, which ensures a fast and safe learning for our Customers.

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