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Kohala Carbon Fixed Paddle


Kohala Carbon Fixed Paddle

This is a 1-piece paddle, which is sized and cut to the rider’s height, not allowing for size variations. It is made of 12 KSRUF carbon and braided carbon, with the following characteristics:

Weight: 1 piece with approximately 600 grams
Height: Fixed up to 210 cm
Material: 100% carbon

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Carbon paddles are much lighter and more efficient than fiberglass, wood or aluminum paddles.

The use of carbon has many advantages over all other materials. As they have a lot of flexibility, both the rod and the carbon blade flex when paddling, which offers an extra boost with the same energy expenditure. It provides greater comfort and reduces fatigue, both for joints and muscles.

The carbon paddles have a T-shaped handle which makes handling them much more comfortable when using them in the waves. And because of its speed, the combination of all the named features results in a faster paddling cadence.

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