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Vila Nova de Milfontes is one of the best destinations for SUP / SURF FOIL practitioners in Portugal.

In the SUP / Surf Foil beginners’ lessons, the first part will be with the student being pulled with a cable by a boat or water scooter so that they feel the foil lifting and can control it more easily when they stand on the waves on their own.

Initiation to SUP / Surf Foil:

  • Know how to assemble and disassemble Foil;
  • Meteorology and its characteristics and conditions;
  • Beginning foil boarding with plenty of flotation;
  • Know how to position your body and board for the first starts;
  • Learning to paddle with a hydrofoil in still water;
  • Know the rules of navigation and priorities in and out of the water;
  • First straight waves before starting the first turns;
  • Know the safety rules when using a foil board, know how to avoid accidents in and out of the water;
  • Knowing how to choose the right equipment and conditions for navigating.


All materials, instructor support and insurance for participants.

Private SUP / SURF FOIL Lesson

2 hours

Private SUP / SURF FOIL Lesson
€1601 PERSON

2 hours

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